Fruits: Friendly Way of Weight Loss

fruit weight lossSince our childhood, we hear from our parents that fruits are always good for health. There is also a famous quote saying that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  Do you remember this quote? Of course, the answer is yes for many. Even though fruits are loaded with natural sugar, but still they prove good for reducing weight.

Fruits are delicious in taste as well as refreshing. Their high fiber content makes an individual in controlling untimely cravings for food. There are few fruits whose nutritional value is higher than others while there are some fruits whose overall nutritional content outweighs others. Some of them contain high content of pectin and fiber. Both of these components are good for weight loss. Apart from acting as natural fat burners, these two components also aid in boosting system of metabolism in body which ultimately results in weight loss.

For reducing weight, the intake of calories should be less than calories burnt. But, are you eating less than the regular diet for reducing weight? It is not necessary that you eat less, you can have fruits in place of heavy calorie foods. So with intake of fewer calories also, you can also satisfy your hunger and need not indulge in frequent eating.

Adding Apple, Strawberry and Peaches in your breakfast is a good start for your weight loss journey.  So, just aim to take more fruits in your daily diet. Fruits containing flavonoids are also good for reducing fat cells from the body.

Here is a list of some of the fruits which can prove beneficial for weight loss.

1. Watermelon: It is a juicy fruit which does not contain many calories because the main content of this fruit is water only. For intake of every 100 grams, it provides only 30 calories and keeps your body hydrated. Watermelon is also rich in containing arginine which is a natural fat burner.

2. Guava: This fruit has low glycemic index and it is very rich in fibers which is very helpful for controlling regular food cravings. Also fibers act as stomach cleansers which ensures proper digestion of food.

3. Pear: This Vitamin C rich fruit is one of the top options for reducing weight. It also regulates the
level of cholesterol in body.

4. Oranges: The intake of 100 grams of orange provides 47 calories only but provides adequate amount of Vitamin C which makes your workout sessions longer because of which you can work more and burn more calories.

However if you have diabetes, you must not opt for fruits. Fruits also get digested easily and hence keeps your metabolism active. You must not go for packed fruit juices as an alternative to fresh fruits because such packed fruit juices contains various chemicals and do not prove as beneficial as eating raw fruits.

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