Some Yoga Tips for a Flat Tummy

shirshasana yoga flat tummyNowadays, there are many exercises which make your body perfect for bikini and also make your abdominal muscles stronger. Activities like aerobics, jogging, running and swimming also help you in making your body getting slim. Yoga has become quite popular for weight loss and doing simple poses at home can aid you in achieving a flat tummy. Getting rid of stomach fat is a tiresome task and it requires dedication and consistency. Following poses can aid you in shrinking your waistline.

1. Kapalbhati

An easy form of pranayama for loosing fat from belly is Kapalbhati and its simple pose will allow you to do it on your own without any yoga instructor. You just have to simply sit with your legs folded and placing the right palm of your hand on the right knee of leg. Likewise, placing the left palm of hand on the left knee of the left leg. The asan begins by simply breathing slowly in and out in such a way that up and down motion belly happens as deep as possible . Repeat the cycle at least for 20 times in the beginning and gradually increase the cycle. After some days, you can notice changes in both your body weight and fat.

2. Suryanamaskar

It is a workout for your whole body. Doing it daily at least for 20 minutes works as a magic. This asan consists of 12 steps. It offers more flexibility to body along with reducing the fat cells around the belly region. It is believed that this pose of Yoga awakens the sun centre (according to yoga) in the whole system of body, thereby giving energy to entire nervous and circulatory system of body. It helps in boosting the metabolism which contributes in speeding up the process of weight loss. Since it involves a series of steps, you can watch this asan in detail directly on Youtube.

3. Naukasana

It is also popular as “boat pose” and is one of the main poses for providing strength to abdominal muscles. In this pose, you will lay down on your back along with your feet together. Then gradually lift both the feet together till you feel stress in your feet. Now slightly lift your chest. While you are in this position, you have to keep intake and exhale of breathe at slow speed. It is very efficient in reducing belly fat.  The strengthening of muscles in shoulders, thighs and arms is the main benefit of this asan along with improving the functioning of kidneys, pancreas and liver.

4. Shoulder Stand

It helps the stomach from relieving all kinds of toxins and eradicating toxins from the stomach helps in improved blood circulation of body. The pose is done 90 degree to ground upside down and keeps the body fit. During this pose, the whole body has to rise up with support of hands and shoulders. As body is upside down, it reverses the flow of blood in the body which results in low blood in head region as well as neck. It is beneficial for those who suffer from low blood pressure. It also helps in respiratory related issues as blood flow is increased in lungs due to this asan/pose. This asan/pose must be always performed with caution or under the supervision of experts. It is known for balancing the hormonal system of body and lightening the mood of individuals.

All these four yoga poses can be performed easily at home but it must be done when you have not eaten anything i.e. on an empty stomach.